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Rosacea, Redness, and ALL the Options!

Add On's to Facials at Juno Esthetics that help address redness in your skin


Redness can present in many ways in all different types of skin tones and types. Whether it be from some form of acne, a medical condition, or just genetics, I want Juno Esthetics to be able to provide the best in care.

While not a doctor, I do have many clients who come to me for support with their diagnosed condition of Rosacea. Rosacea is a BIG word that covers a lot of skin. I always want to help provide holistic and effective solutions for clients as well as assist any medical directives. The Salacia is an EXCELLENT option for a Rosacea client to help provide deep hydration.

In other cases, clients do not have a medical condition like Rosacea, but redness is still a concern. Maybe you carry a little pink in your cheeks or have noticed you have more of a pink undertone. While a cooling facial using calming ingredients is a typical (and still good) choice, you have many different options to add during your facial at Juno Esthetics that can elevate your experience. For a client experiencing redness, I LOVE a The Salacia or a The Juno facial. Both of these are aimed to help nourish and heal the skin. They each include exfoliation, extractions, and massage.

Each of these facials also offer the opportunity to have an ADD ON. An Add On means that in addition to what we would normally be doing in a facial, I will be adding on an additional ( and helpful) piece.

My main goal is to always customize what is best for your skin in the MOMENT. Below is a detailed account of some of those add on's that I can incorporate for you during a facial.


Holistic Options

· An Ayurvedic approach and facial - In Ayurvedic treatments, this Dosha would be referred to as “Pitta”. The pitta element in Ayurveda is responsible for immunity, coloration of the skin, intellectual thought, and digestion (this makes sense!) We can adjust a Juno facial to using Ayurvedic products aimed at addressing Pitta skin. ( No additional cost)

· Incorporate herbs/flowers/natural ingredients – There are many cooling and antiseptic herbs you can incorporate in a traditional healing facial. One example is using the rose flower. The properties of rose align because it is antiseptic, antiviral, and still calming and soothing to the skin. Crushing rose petals into the mask or using rose oil throughout a facial can be so helpful - and smell amazing. I keep a small stock of fresh herbs on hand to incorporate as needed. ( No additional cost)

· Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Facial massage has many benefits for all skin types and conditions. However, traits that can appear in a rosacea client ( like edema and/or hyperemia) can be a contraindication for traditional massage. I am certified by my educational institution in Manual Lymphatic Drainage. This helps instead of traditional massage because it works two ways – one to help clear the lymph of the face and reduce puffiness and swelling, and two to help gently relax the client. This is also fantastic for clients who have allergies. ( Additional - $50)

Machine Additions:

· RED LED – Red light therapy promotes cells to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation. It is noninvasive and does not add in heat to the skin. I use Light Stim during your facial and offer FACELITE as an at home option. You can have either one used during your facial! We can see if you would be a good candidate to use LED and in what part of the facial we can add it. ( No additional cost, FACELITE available for At Home purchase)

· Cryotherapy – Utilizing a glacier facial tool, I add in this cooling hand held device throughout the facial - on top of mask and when applying serum. This cold toning tool helps to reduce inflammation in the skin and provide a calming and nurturing touch to the Juno or Salacia. (Additional $10 )

· Lucas instead of traditional steam – Traditional steam is very relaxing, but can also also hot and stimulating. The Lucas is a nice alternative for someone with redness in their skin because it will not irritate. Officially called a Lucas Championniere Electric Pulverizer, this delicate machine is a fine, cool mister that you can infuse with essential oils and use on the face to help hydrate, calm, and relax. ( No additional cost)

Let's chat about your skin and what options work best for you! If you would like to incorporate one of the above options to your facial, please add it in your booking notes. Please feel free to call or email with any questions!

** Please note. Model in Stock Photo is not a diagnosed Rosacea client and simply presents a little pink in the cheek area. Photo for aesthetic purposes only

** Portions of this blog were originally published in an article I originally wrote for Skin in the City magazine

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