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Scrubs: How to Find The Right One

Body scrubs are an excellent way to take care of the beautiful skin we're in.

We have all heard of & done a body scrubs at some point in our lifes. But for some reason, this beauty routine gets left on the side of forgotten in our weekly beauty routine. Which frankly is a damn shame.

Body scrubs are an excellent way to take care of the beautiful skin we are in – it shows self care, self love, and self preservation!

To make things easy & simple, I will break it down for you, so you understand the how, why & who's in body scrubs! Hopefully, it will help you find the right body scrubs for your needs.

THE HOW -- Body scrubs are designed to address the skin renewal process and allow for better product absorption for things like tanning agents and moisturizers. Body scrubs are also helpful in detoxification and removal of oil to help for cleaner and clearer skin.

The WHY Scrubs often do not get the level of consideration they should. Consider what your skin reacts to and why you enjoy something – do you need a quick glow? Are you looking to repair damaged sunburn skin? Does it smell delicious? Think about how it appeals to you and what you want to accomplish.

The WHO -- Take a look at the breakdown below to see which one works for you.


Salt Scrubs – ( great for acne & oily skin ) depending on the salts used –salt scrubs are designed for removal & detoxification. They tend to be a bit harsher and are not ideal for sensitive skin. A large and coarse salt is mixed with moisturizing oils to helps slough and detoxify the skin, creating a smoother and fresher surface. They are excellent to use before the shower and for general upkeep. Salt Scrubs are especially nice in the winter as they can help to take off blahs and the most amount of buildup.

There are many types of salts used in a body scrub and each have a specific purpose. You want to go for high mineral content salts and make sure the oils and ingredients you combine with it are aimed at healing and moisture.

Sugar Scrubs – ( great for sensitive skin ) Unlike salt scrubs, sugar ones use a smaller granular to help turn the skin from dull to vibrant. Sugar scrubs are ideal for the summer because of the high amount of moisture they provide from the sugar & they deliver a perfect afterglow that is excellent for the summer beach days! They are easier to remove because many times your skin will simply absorb the scrub.

Coffee Scrubs – (great for cellulite) Coffee grounds are an excellent manual body scrub. The lack of oil means the tan will retain longer and the coffee grounds on their own help to energize the skin. Coffee grounds also help to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating the fat cells and causing them to dilate.

Oatmeal Scrubs – (great for oily skin) Oily skin is often prone to pimples as the dead cells tend to stick on the skin & block the skin pores.Oatmeal is a great natural eliment that soaks up excess oil without clogging the pores and at the same time helps balance the oil excretion.

There are several ways to make a scrub and not all have to be in salt or sugar. A perfect scrub for anyone who enjoys tanning or is about to get a spray tan is one that has minimal to no oil. It is harder to do that with a salt or sugar, so we use alternative products that can be beneficial and stimulating.

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