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Ethereal Beauty Begins Here

Embrace and bring forth your inner goddess glow. Skincare created especially for you.

At Juno Esthetics we believe the art of skincare isn’t simply about achieving a surface-level glow. Instead, it’s about evoking and embracing the timeless essence of the gods within each individual, helping their inner beauty and strength radiate outward. 

Our Master Esthetician

Erika Cooper Deaton

Erika is a double-boarded and licensed Master Esthetician with a passion for helping her clients discover the essential benefits of excellent skin care. 


The ancient Romans held a profound belief that beauty is a harmonious blend of the internal and external. Their gods and goddesses weren’t just symbols of power but of idealized grace, beauty and virtue. Erika draws inspiration from these gods and goddesses of ancient Rome, believing in the divine connection between inner spirit and outer appearance. 


And just as marble statues tell tales of these ethereal beings, our skin narrates our personal stories, revealing what’s beneath while reflecting our essence to the world. 


Erika is a uniquely qualified esthetician, drawing on her education with medical and cosmetic specialists and her training at the holistic-based Euro Institute of Skin Care. She holds multiple certifications and has extensive experience in microneedling, chemical peels and holistic organic skin care. 


In addition to operating Juno Esthetics in Bellevue, WA., Erika is a Master Esthetics instructor and trainer. She is also a member of the Washington State Board of Cosmetology representing Master Estheticians in the state of Washington.She is continuously learning and updating her equipment and skills to best serve her clients. 

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Channeling the Gods in Modern Skincare

Juno Esthetics uses a combination of carefully curated products to reveal your goddess glow. 


When you enter our private spa room in Bellevue, you’ll leave the outside world behind and dive into a realm of beauty and relaxation. 


We’ll collaborate to devise the best combination of locally sourced holistic and organic products with various well-known brands to create an experience of sumptuous serenity that transcends skin care. Our beauty treatments are designed to nourish and rejuvenate, bringing forward the inner wisdom and confidence that rests within each individual. 


Our Services Include:

  • Facials

  • Microneedling

  • Dermaplaning

  • Nanoneedling

  • Chemical Peels

"I turned 50 last month and wanted to address the changing needs of my skin. From the second I walked into Erika's incredibly soothing space, I knew I was in capable hands.
She analyzed my skin, making lots of helpful notes and suggestions. I appreciate that she talked about skin care products at different price points (plus and the pros/cons of each), as well as simple regimens, that even a low-maintenance person like myself could follow. Everything about the facial itself was relaxing--from the warm, comfy bed and scents of the products used, to Erika's therapeutic shoulder, neck, and face massage.
Erika is a highly-talented aesthetician and it shows in her encyclopedia knowledge about skin and holistic practices and thoughtful attention to care and detail.
I left relaxed, glowing, and eager to return in a few months. Bring on 50!"

Ryn P., Seattle


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