Product Review: L'Or Bio

Product: L’Or Bio by Melvita

They say: Silky dry oil - Nourishes and beautifies

L’Or Bio reveals five rare oils, rich ingredients from nature: Argan Oil from Morocco, kendi oil from Indonesia, inca inchi oil from Amazonia, desert date seed oil from Burkina and baobab oil from Africa.

This precious blend of nature’s treasures in the extraordinary oil melts on the skin like a delicately scented embrace. Like a jewel, the skin is silky and hair is soft and shiny.

How to use it: apply to face, body and hair. Suitable for use all year round.

I say: I love to use oils on my face but I’m less inclined to use them on my body so this oil I decided to use only on my body & hair. A natural oil, with its 5 oils as mains ingredients, it's a oil rich in antioxidants, fatty acids & repairing properties. Everything my skin needs :) So first of all, I love its perfume, it’s fragrance is soft & not too sugary. This oil is very rich & true to its promise, it does penetrate the skin very quickly and leaves the skin feeling smooth & hydrated the whole day. As I have very thin hair, I used a very small amount on it, so I would not grease it. My hair felt a little softer and had a nice scent. The only negative side was, because it’s very rich, once the skin has drunken what it needs, there is a residue on the surface on the skin. Which left me feeling a little bit oily, and me leaving small traces of proof of my passage (on the sofa, car seat, greasy fingertips etc.) everywhere!! So be careful, especially if you are wearing delicate clothing like silk.

Erika says: I do not love oil on my face, but I love oils on my body. I like the sheen you achieve with a thicker oil and I love the rich feel of moisture they bring. Since I live in a temperamental climate (thank you Pacific Northwest), oils are perfect moisturizers for my body because I can add a little or a lot and have better control of the coverage. I am a die hard NUXE fan and usually stick with NUXE every other day and coconut oil right after the bath. When Thora sent L'Or, I was excited to see if I would change loves. My verdict - I did not love it but it is not terrible.

I actually found this oil to be a bit thinner feeling on my body than my normal combinations.

It is hydrating but it leaves a slight film on the skin. I did not enjoy the consistency. After I shower and scrub, I love the beautiful glow your skin has with an oil. This did not provide that and I actually had to use an additional lotion afterwards for my hands, elbows, and feet.

I found the oil worked best when I used it on the ends of my hair. I bleach my hair and color it many different ways, so I am always trying to work with my ends. This oil helped a lot. It was smoothing and left a light floral scent. I am not surprised it worked so well on the hair as it contains Argan Oil. The Vitamin E and Antioxidants that are natural to Argan Oil help inflammation, but they also help tame frizz in our hair and serve as a heat protectant. I actually liked this oil more than straight Aragn oil in my hair because of the texture from the addition of the other oils and the light scent.

Overall Note: 2/4

I Say: If you are looking for a good oil, to get smooth & hydrated skin and that leaves you with a sort of a Spa feeling, I highly recommend this one. But I suggest that you use it before going to sleep. I know that is what I’m going to do!

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